The storage facility is located on a 1st and 2nd floor with a 5 meter high ground floor beneath it, no direct sunlight exposure and constant natural aeration.
- Animals, plants, materials that can rot, flammable, explosive , dangerous and illicit materials are not accepted.
- The client is free to stop using the storage service anytime .
- Our company can ask the client to leave the premises with three months’ notice.
The shiny epoxy floor is swept weekly and the area is sprayed monthly for pest control.
We ask for 3 months payment in advance .We accept payments by cash or cheques in USDollars and cash or cheques in LBP (at the rate of 3900,-LL/USD) This rate will be altered with changes of local monetary conditions .
Electrical power is switched off at all time when the facility is not being used. Smoke detectors and fire extinguishers are checked monthly. A backup power generator is in standby mode 24/7. The building is staffed at ALL time.
You will be provided with a personal card that will allow you into the premices. Then you have your own key to open the door of your cubicle.
Goods are insured through Takhzeen's agreed insurance company, "LIA". Full coverage is included in the policy (fire, damage to neighbors, damage to premises, water damage). The rate is 7 per thousand of the declared value of goods on a yearly basis.
Yes. The service is free for goods up to the size of a small pick-up truck.
Goods should not weight more than 1200 kg.
On site help, shelving for archives, cardboard boxes, packaging tape, moving van, accessibility to your account by internet with a unique username and password, etc.
in case of person: Copy of the ID
in case of company: Copy of the commercial registration of the company.
Our Storage facility offers a variety of units suitable for goods of any kind, size or quantity.
  • - One full 20 ft container would require approximately 15 sqm
  • - Full furniture of a one bedroom apartment would require approximately 10 sqm
  • - Full furniture of a two bedrooms apartment would require approximately 20 sqm